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Gettin down with MongoDB on OS X

This weekend I decided to get MongoDB up and running.  Setting up the environment was very simple using MacPorts.  Just make sure you’ve got the Java Developer Package for Mac OS X.  A simple  $ sudo port install mongodb and I was up and running.  I’d recommend setting up a shell alias for starting the mongo listener and connecting to a mongo db in your .bash_profile located in the root directory.  Mine looks like this:

alias startmongo='/opt/local/bin/mongod'
alias runmongo='/opt/local/bin/mongo'

What can I say, I’m lazy.

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From Drooling Developer to Chipper Coder in 12 Steps.

Strangely enough, people around me keep telling me that missing meals & sleep as a result of extensive webdev is a bad thing.  Before I become the beneficiary of an intervention I promised my loved ones that I would adjust a few habits.  This process must be gradual to avoid “shocking the system.”  I proposed this list as a reasonable 12 step program, but you be the judge.

  1. Blinking
  2. Periodically acknowledging the existence of an “outside world” by looking out out the nearest window.
  3. Establishing contact with another carbon based organism, one of my cats.
  4. Bathroom Breaks
  5. Removal of rollers on desk chair eliminating the chair as a potential office vehicle.
  6. Removal of all food/drinks within arms reach to entice leg-powered movement.
  7. Installation of Vuvuzela Alarm in the kitchen which goes off every 30 minutes and can only be stopped manually.
  8. Installation of second dishwasher so dirty dishes can never dissuade meal and beverage preparation.
  9. Add 5 lb weight to mouse to increase muscle stimulation.
  10. Remove all artificial in-room lighting and replace main display with eInk based display to destroy any possible nighttime productivity.
  11. Eliminate ventilation in personal space to encourage regular bathing.
  12. Host all code repositories on Bluehost or GoDaddy to eliminate any possibility of continuous and uninterrupted development (Choose SVN as your VCS and not Git due to Git’s ability to support local commits).
02:33 pm, by cognited